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Rehab is scary! There are a whole lot of "what ifs", along with a whole lot of advice and opinions from lots of people who have been through it. It can make it very hard to know where to start and how to move forwards. 

That's where I can help.

Rehab plans can be for something that a vet has diagnosed or for something you think your horse may be struggling with and you want to try something before the vet.

What you get:

  • General overview of your horse's diagnosis

  • An initial 4 week plan made just for you​

  • Ground & ridden exercises

  • Basic massage (where needed)

  • Stretches to mobilise areas

  • Analysis of your horse's conformation

  • Analysis of your horse's movement

  • Identify areas that are weaker and need help 

  • Support via text, email or phone calls

  • Monthly check-ins

  • Monthly plan updates based on progress

I am very happy to talk to your vets, farriers, instructors or any other professionals in your team to allow you and your horse to receive the most benefits.

*The above states what's included in the Full Assessment & Plan.

Rehabilitation Plans: My Practice



Rehabilitation Plan and Assessment

This service includes everything stated above


Standard Rehabilitation Plan

This includes a 4 week plan for you to follow that has been designed just for your horse


Rehabilitation Progression

An updated plan after the first 4 weeks which is altered based on what exercises you have found easier/harder and how your horse is progressing.

Rehabilitation Plans: Price List
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