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This service is designed to be cost effective and accessible to anyone anywhere in the world. I know how expensive horses can be and I know that not everyone has access to professional help on a regular basis. 

You will receive a report designed just for you horse, including:

  • What areas are weaker and need help

  • Analysis of their conformation

  • Analysis of their movement

  • Ridden & ground exercises

  • Basic massage (when needed)

  • Support via text, email or phone calls

What do I need from you?

  • To complete a consultation form

  • Discuss your aims and goals

  • Talk through any limitations

  • Some photos & videos of your horse

That's it. Simple enough right? It can all be done with a glass of wine from the comfort of your sofa.

There is no catch and no strings attached. I simply want to provide people with the ability to help their horses.

Full Horse Assessments: My Practice



Full Horse Assessment

Full Horse Assessments: Price List
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