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After gaining my Equine Sports Massage qualification in 2018, I felt like I was still missing something. I found a love of working with horses who were displaying abnormal behaviours both on the ground and under saddle, who were deemed quirky or “nasty” when being handled.

I found this to be more of a misunderstanding.

Animals rely on body language to be able to communicate with us, so it is important to pay attention to it. They can’t just say “ouch” or “I don’t like that”, they can only react with their body. Reiki has proven to be a fundamental tool when working with these types of horses, providing them with a feeling of safety and comfort in a situation where they may be more inclined to lash out. The vast majority have all relaxed into the session, with owners reporting marking improvements in their behaviour.

However, it is not just difficult horses I have found it to benefit. All horses reap the benefits of reiki and show big improvements after a session, and even bigger ones when used alongside the bodywork.

I also offer reiki for dogs!

What is it?

Reiki is an alternative therapy that works to balance the body using your natural energy. It is a non-invasive healing technique which originated from Japan and is recognised as a beneficial practice by most medical centres.

How can it help?

Reiki has been used for a variety of issues, such as improving strength/ energy levels, reducing effects of mental health, aiding sleep and even reducing pain.

In 2015, a study conducted on a group of cancer patients who received remote reiki alongside usual treatment had lower levels of pain, anxiety and fatigue. In 2010, studies on the effects of reiki on depression reported that participants had improvements in their physical and mental state.


Richeson NE, et al. (2010). Effects of reiki on anxiety, depression, pain, and physiological factors in community-dwelling older adults. 

Demir M, et al. (2015). Effects of distant reiki on pain, anxiety and fatigue in oncology patients in Turkey: A pilot study.

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Reiki & Equine Bodywork

Included in this price is an in-depth session for your horse, using both reiki and equine bodywork to provide them with full physical and emotional balance

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Reiki for Horses

This service is a pure reiki session for your horse

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Reiki for Dogs

This is a reiki session just for your dog

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