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Equine Bodywork is a complementary therapy and very much a hands-on technique, concentrating on areas of the horse where the muscles are tight and unable to release themselves. The aim of this type of therapy if to help restore the horse’s full range of movement, providing them freedom through their body. However, for me, it is so much more than that!

I have created this service, built on my initial qualification as an Equine Sports Massage Therapist and the 4 additional years I spent training under a Physiotherapist, learning techniques within myofascial release, acupressure and cranial work.

It has allowed me to, not only  release tension in the horse’s body, but also help them balance mentally and emotionally. The horse’s mental state, past experiences and trauma are all held within the body, so it is just as important to address that side of things.

So, what are some benefits of this service?

For you:

  • Detailed plan tailored specifically for your horse

  • Advice on stretches & basic massage (when needed)

  • Access to support via phone calls or messaging

For your horse:

  • In depth massage session 

  • Improved relaxation

  • Improved recovery times

  • Improved behaviour 

  • Removal of unwanted toxins

  • Improved range of motion

... to name just a few 

Our horses are wonderful animals and they offer us so much. The least we can do is help keep them comfortable and happy so they can enjoy their lives and work to their fullest potential. 

Equine Bodywork: My Practice



One Horse

This price is my standard price for a session for one horse. This includes:​​

  • Movement assessments

  • Discussing your horse's history

  • Discussing your goals/aims

  • Creating a bespoke plan to suit you and your horse


Multi-horse Discount

A £10 discount is applied when there are 3 or more horses to do at the same yard whilst still receiving all the same great benefits

Equine Bodywork: Price List
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