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I am very lucky to have a great amount of experience with competition horses across all levels, and I would love to help you make this your best season yet. 

We all love taking our horses out and having a great time. A bonus if we get to bring home a rosette. But are you aware of how much stress we place on our horses bodies to be able to do this?

We want to head out knowing that our horses are going to perform at their fullest potential, giving us the very best version of themselves in a happy and confident manner. This means that they have to go through some form of training at home to prepare them for it.

We also forget that travelling in a moving vehicle is not the easiest thing in the world. I mean, have you ever tried to stand in your horsebox or traveler around corners and over bumps without a great deal to lean on?

What is available for you?

I have two packages available, which you will find below, one of which is a 6 month season packages. This includes:

  • 1x bodywork session per month

  • 1x video consultation per month

  • Initial report identifying weaker areas

  • Exercises tailored to your horse to target these areas

  • Discounts on other services

Competition Packages: My Practice



6 month season pass

Make this your best season yet by making sure your horse's body is better prepared than ever.

This service also entitles you to discounts on other services.

*Option to split payment over 3 months*


Competition Package

Make sure your horse's body is on top form going into a competition and is recovering well after. This package includes:

  • 1x check over/ treatment the week before a compeition

  • 1x check over the week after a competition

Competition Packages: Price List
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